Control stations

Control Stations are used for exercise supervision and implementation of all aspects of training conducted with our Trainers.

Control Stations come in a variety of standalone options, depending on the customer’s demands.

Guard control desk


Multi-touch screen

A 42” or 55” multi-touch screen can be installed on the Guard Control Desk. Along with tempered glass surface protection this multi-touch screen is scratch-resistant. The multi-touch screen is powered and controlled by a computer running on the Windows operating system.

Mechanized stand

The mechanized stand has a firm steel structure and is easily movable around the room as it is on wheels. Actuators serve for endless variations in screen positioning. For example, horizontally to serve as an interactive desk or in a vertical position, as an interactive board.

Guard actuated desk with monitors


Is equipped with a stand for two large LCD screens and a computer. The Control desk is made from high quality and durable materials ensuring its long-life span.

The Control desk can be moved up and down with the help of the electrical actuators.

Guard tablet


Used as control station extensions, tablets are perfect for flexible exercise monitoring.

Guard ruggerized laptop


Military grade laptops are used with mobile Trainers. All is packed in a ruggedized transport case with wireless connectivity to the Traners.