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A Tribute to All Truth Seekers.
In April 2023, the Park of Military History Pivka opened a museum exhibition, Enigma – The Mysterious Behind-the-Scenes of War, prepared by mag. Janko Boštjančič and Dr. Andrej Gaspari, which reveals the intricate mechanisms of the Enigma's encryption wheels and highlights its impact on the course of the war.

As the exhibition sponsor, Guardiaris is proud to have been able to achieve a meaningful continuation of the collaboration in form of this very special book. 160 enigmatic pages to stir the readers imagination and a unique way to decipher Enigmas untold mysteries is an homage to our Train The Brain approach in our daily quest for innovation.
A Common Appreciation for Innovation.
The newly published book Enigma– The Machine That Shaped History, is a result of a collaboration between mag. Janko Boštjančič, the director of the Park of Military History Pivka and Guardiaris. The enigmatic book focuses on mysterious backstage of World War II and reveals the story of the German encryption machine Enigma.
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"In a world where Artificial Intelligence is still in its early stages and a film about the father of the atomic bomb won an Oscar for Best Picture, we wanted to commemorate the paradigms of life that accompany and challenge us daily with the release of a book about the story of the Enigma."

Primož Peterca, Founder of Guardiaris
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For more information about the published book and opportunity to get a limited edition copy, contact us on sales@guardiaris.com