Key responsibilities and job description

  • Developing on an “in house” C++ 3D graphics drive based on DirectX.
  • Development of a graphical interface and related programming logic.
  • Build an application using the Visual Studio IDE.
  • Search for bugs and incorrect memory release, search and analysis of bottlenecks, problem solving for multi-threaded operations (concurrency).
  • Commenting on code, writing documentation, versioning code.

Desired knowledge and competencies

  • C++ language expertise (11 preferred) and experience with Microsoft Visual Studio (building, debugging, profiling).
  • Good knowledge of Gita and SVN.
  • Principles and good practices of object-oriented programming (OOP).
  • It is desirable to know one of the low-level graphics libraries: DirectX, OpenGL, XNA, Vulcan,…
  • Knowledge and experience with one of the well-known game drives is desirable: Unreal, Unity, Crytek, Godot ...

What the company offers

Guardiaris is a high-tech company focused on research and development of advanced simulation technologies. We are a passionate group of innovators, engineers, graphic artists and scientists with a long tradition that pushes the boundaries between the virtual and the real world. Our products, with which we are present in Europe, the Middle East and South America, provide an exceptional experience of education and training to people employed in governmental and non-governmental organizations, which provide us with a safer tomorrow.

The company is continuously developing its own 3D graphics drive, which is registered under the GUARD brand. Due to its technological qualities, GUARD is one of the most advanced 3D graphics drives on the world market and enables real-time plotting of objects and terrain, production of complex animations, use of artificial intelligence, simulation of vehicle dynamics, rigid bodies and skeletons and calculation and display of all ballistics elements. GUARD has all the technological elements needed in the development of simulations, visualizations and simulators.

  • Stimulating and dynamic work environment.
  • Cooperation in the development of high-tech products.
  • Opportunity to work with modern technologies and continuous acquisition of knowledge.
  • Possibility of personal development, promotion and stimulating payment • Participation in the development of technologically demanding products.

If you are proactive, reliable and interested in working in our company, send us your CV to jobs@guardiaris.com.