Train in any part of the world from your home base.

Scenario desert
Scenario desert
Scenario desert

GUARD features extremely fast real-world terrain data integration. Any standardized real-world digital terrain data (Digital Elevation Models - DEM) can be used, resulting in highly realistic synthetic environment replica of real-world terrain.

Mission-specific training can therefore be performed within a purposefully constructed synthetic environment.


State-of-the-art innovation for ultimate exercise diversity.

Our solutions are driven by the GUARD simulation technology. Its abstract, platform-independent architecture presents users with unsurpassable modularity.

Advanced real-time technology, artificial intelligence and precise simulation of ballistics and dynamics present users with unlimited training possibilities.

Guard scenario editor


A large, ever-growing database of environments and objects, gives operators full autonomy in scenario creation and customization. Via Control Station, Scenario Editor gives our users full freedom in creating endless variability of training scenarios.

Rapid scenario creation and editing, with simulation of real-world conditions (weather, time-of-day, visibility, etc.). Most of the parameters can be changed or adjusted even during exercises, in runtime. Hence, the unpredictability and intenseness of actual combat situations is achieved.

Scenario Editor has a very powerful and user-friendly interface which allows fast prototyping as well as complete freedom when creating complex scenarios. Additionally, every new scenario can be stored in the database and reused at any point in time.