The Swiss Army has reordered Guardiaris' RGW90 simulators for the training of their ground troops.

Modern military demands are rising, corresponding to a higher level of weapon complexity and technology as such. In that manner, many armies around the world are paying more and more attention to training their conscripts on simulator systems, which enable more complete and cost-effective training.

The Swiss Army conducts most of its training on simulators due to environmental and technical reasons. To educate their conscripts, they have reordered a new set of realistic replicas RGW90, designed by Guardiaris, through our business partner Dynamit Nobel Defence.

Main benefits of this anti-tank trainer:

- it’s wireless

- the cycle from start to finish for a trained user is extremely short and efficient

- it ensures highly immersive training experience

- it’s cost effective.

This MANPATS (man-portable-anti-tank-system) trainer can be fully integrated with other Guardiaris products for comprehensive tactical training within the same physical and synthetic environment.

Together with a trainee-oriented approach, patented laser less technology, and a realistic synthetic environment, Guardiaris' trainers enable limitless trainee or squad specific training diversity.

If you want to upgrade your training system and improve the learning process of your squad, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to listen to your needs or arrange a visit at our show-room.