Guardiaris selected by the EDIDP as the lead partner for Future Integrated Indoor Soldier Training

Guardiaris as the lead partner of a consortium of four partner companies (Guardiaris, ITEC, Madritsch, Instalaza) from three EU states (Slovenia, Austria, Spain) was on 30th June 2021 notified by EDIDP - European Defence Industrial Development Programme that their project proposal FIIST - Future Integrated Indoor Soldier Training, applied at call EDIDP-SME-2020, has passed the evaluation phase and is invited to start grant preparation.

FIIST project duration is 2 years, with objectives to study, design, prototype and qualify heterogeneous, multirole, squad-level, tactical indoor simulator for infantry and motorized units equipped with various types of small arms, shoulder launched weapons and remote weapons station integrated on vehicle simulator.

The main innovation of the FIIST is the unique concept of tactical training of soldier squad with multi-types of digitized weapon replicas and remote weapon station residing on infantry fighting vehicle, while all participate within the same simulated battle scenario. Other notable innovations include a generalized qualification procedure for similar simulator systems and FIIST interoperation with other simulators based on High Level Architecture distributed simulation framework.

The four participating SME partners: Guardiaris (Slovenia), Instalaza (Spain), ITEC (Austria) and Madritsch Weapon Technology (Austria) form a well-rounded consortium with synergy of products, knowledge and ability to execute, as is proven by each partners' product portfolios, ranging from simulation systems, shoulder launched weapons, sound solutions and weapon modification capabilities.

Throughout the project is planned a tight coordination and knowledge exchange with MoDs (Slovenian MORS and Austrian ÖBH). Their key contributions are in tactics, performance assessment and after-action review metrics, including the operational and performance qualification procedures.

The FIIST project will provide the heterogeneous training and simulation solution, increasing the EU troops and vehicle crew readiness with user defined training scenarios, while significantly lowering costs of achieving the same.