June 14, 2016

Products displaying concepts of tomorrow's training solutions were present at three different stands:

Guardiaris exhibited as invitee of Slovenian MOD as a part of Slovene Defence Industry pavilion. MATS RGW90, RWS-S, and our latest developments Artillery Forward Observer Trainer (AFOT) and Indoor Mortar Trainer (IMOT) were presented. All products were connected into a unique real-time VR environment running simultaneously on proprietary GUARD technology and were controlled via Guard Control Desk (GCD). Guardiaris presented the vision of MOBILE TRAINING SIMULATION.

Guardiaris MATS for Effector 90 was also presented on a Dynamit Nobel Defence stand. MATS family as »State of the art simulation systems« was successfully presented.

Croatian company DOK-ING has been also exhibiting Guardiaris innovative solutions and endless training possibilities on a demining vehicles MV-4 and XLPD.