FIIST Project achieves a 100% completion rate!

January 14, 2024

We are thrilled to announce an outstanding success of the FIIST project, co-funded by EDIDP! By achieving a 100% completion rate and technology readiness level (TRL) 8, FIIST is production-ready, and partners are looking forward to 2024 demonstrations!

FIIST, Future Integrated Indoor Soldier Training is a concept for heterogeneous simulation solution within a single, in-door environment. The overall objective was to study, design, prototype and qualify heterogeneous, multi role,squad-level, tactical indoor simulator for infantry and motorized units equipped with various types of small arms, shoulder launched weapons and remote weapon station (RWS) integrated on vehicle simulator based on digitized weapon replicas, weapon digital twins (WDT).

The FIIST project has successfully delivered a comprehensive heterogeneous simulation and training environment. With a 100 % completion rate, the project has achieved its goals, encompassing the simultaneous training of infantry squads and vehicle crews with a plethora of weapons systems digital twins, under a variety of scenarios including mounted and dismounted tactics.

The two yearlong project led to the prototyping of key building blocks, including a highly interactive graphical simulation environment, realistic audio feedback systems,and advanced WDTs for small arms and shoulder-launched weapons. The prototypes have undergone testing, integration, and demonstrating the FIIST in operational environment and further readiness for deployment.

The FIIST team and project partners extended gratitude to the European Defence Industrial Development Programme, DEFIS for their support, and both Austrian and Slovenian MOD for their invaluable feedback, and domain knowledge contributions on joint workshops. Such dedication and expertise of all stakeholders led to the FIIST project's successful completion.

The importance of EDIDP programme and thus EDF support for SMEs in defence industry is very clear and potentially positively far reaching. Based on demonstrated FIIST functions, both MODs plan expansion of existing training capabilities and further EU MODs are welcome to participate in 2024 demonstrations.

More about partners and FIIST: