Guardiaris officially and successfully handed over 5 Small Arms Tactical Trainers (SATT) to the Austrian Armed Forces

Bruckneudorf, 5 April 2022 – Slovenian hi-tech company Guardiaris officially handed over 5 Small Arms Tactical Trainers (SATT) to the Austrian Army, installed in 5 different military facilities around Austria. The official ceremony took place in the Bruckneudorf, at the opening of a completely renovated, and modernized military training area. Among the high military rank officials, the official ceremony was attended also by Klaudia Tanner, Federal Austrian Minister of Defence. The investment presents a great milestone in the concept of tactical training of the Austrian Army, with innovative trainee-oriented simulation trainers.

From today on Austrian Army teams and squads in Sankt Michael, Klagenfurt, Bruckneudorf, Saalfelden and Absam military facilities (to be installed in one week's time) can train on Guardiaris' latest innovation in indoor training solutions. SATT system enables both comprehensive marksmanship and tactical training, performed with small arms and light weapons on an individual or team level. However, the Austrian Army will use the system for tactical training of professional soldiers and military police, where soldiers will train team-level tactics, hone communication skills, and combat effectiveness in various tactical situations created in computer-generated (synthetic) environments. Simultaneously up to eight soldiers can participate in a common customized scenario, displayed on the projection screens.

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First-ever laser-less solution for next-gen training

Compared to the competition, the SATT system excels in many technological features. As a pioneer in the segment, the SATT system runs on patented laser-less technology, enabled by the so-called SAS module. It allows soldiers to move freely within a designated area while using any type of weapons, ranging from various types of small arms, mortars, combat vehicle trainers, and other support weapons. The unrestricted changing of soldiers' positions and poses is significantly enhancing training authenticity and immersion. The exact soldier and 6D weapon position and orientation are tracked in real-time, giving the trainer instant insights of trainees' behavior and focus specifics. High-fidelity visual and aural feedback, coupled with a special sound floor that emulates the physical shock of real battlefield situations, produces additional stress and elevates training complexity. The following allow conscripts to train not only physical skills but also focus and preparedness.  

Highly Realistic Synthetic Environment

Simulation trainers are complementing expensive live training and must, as such, ensure a highly realistic environment to reach the high standards of military training. In that manner, one of the greatest Guardiaris innovations is its own 3D game engine GUARD, which ranks among the most advanced 3D graphics engines in the training and simulation industry. It features extremely fast real-world terrain data integration. Any standardized real-world digital terrain data (Digital Elevation Models - DEM) can be used, resulting in a highly realistic synthetic environment replica of real-world terrain. Moreover, with dynamic weather, artificial intelligence, true-to-life vehicle dynamics, accurate weapon ballistics, and full HLA interoperability, GUARD ensures superb immersion into training environments.

Guardiaris Simulators - Highly Realistic Synthetic Environment

Ultimate instant After-Action review

The main component of each training is quality feedback. “Training and learning methods should follow characteristics of each generation. Today, the average trainee’s learning is triggered by kinaesthetic and visual stimuli. That’s why we created cutting-edge game engine visual simulation, biometrics data capture, and cognitive load analysis to ‘train the brain’ of these new-age warriors. When you are able to show them an actual video replay of their mistakes, they will immediately perceive the message. Much faster, than with words. That’s why the advanced After-Action Review is so important, it shortens the learning cycle immensely, “ explained Primož Peterca, Guardiaris CEO. Precise After-Action Review enables collecting of all detailed data on shooters focus, body posture, 6D position and orientation of the weapon, scenario events, that are instantly available for qualitative analysis, resulting in rapid adaptation and personalization of training. After-Action Review with “3D replay feature” assists instructors in analyzing soldiers’ performance and provides detailed exercise diagnostics in the most efficient way.

GUARDIARIS - The main component of each training is quality feedback

Close cooperation

All the SATT trainers for the Austrian Army were carefully customized and designed in close cooperation with Colonel Wolfgang Habitzl from the Austrian Army. In that manner, all the trainers will provide customized scenarios with a 3D synthetic environment and other supporting features that will optimize the current training strategy of Austrian soldiers and enhance their skills.

Photo credit: Austrian Bundesheer and Guardiaris