March 1, 2017

Guardiaris is proudly announcing first version of the Small Arms Tactical Training (SATT).

SATT is patented Guardiaris invention and the only non-laser based small arms tactical trainer on the market.

It is one-of-a-kind small arms trainer featuring highly immersive tactical training of battlefield observation, target selection and elimination in up to 360° projection. Patented IR-LED technology, supported by highly advanced GUARD simulation technology, enables real-time shooter monitoring, collecting exact position, orientation and aiming data. Wirelessly driven system gives each soldier the ability to freely move within the SATT area.

Different weapons, from small arms to anti-tank weapons, may be used in the SATT. SATT technology allows multiple systems to be networked together, enabling simultaneous training of multiple soldiers on different locations in a common battlefield, featuring unprecedented realism giving the SATT edge over similar products on the market.