From 14 to 18 November 2021 all eyes in Dubai are set on the landmark event of the year, The Dubai Airshow 2021, and Guardiaris is there!

From 14 to 18 November 2021 all eyes in Dubai are set on the landmark event of the year, The Dubai Airshow 2021.

It is the largest of its kind since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, expecting more than 80.000 visitors. Guardiaris’ trainers are at display among the biggest players in aviation and military from 148 countries. MAAT training solution that provides the most comprehensive simultaneous outdoor MANPADS and aircrew training, gained a lot of interest and once again amazed pilots, engineers and military representatives with its technology and precision.
Guardiaris' stand at the DUBAI AIRSHOW 2021.

The Dubai Airshow presents the biggest manufacturer sand future trends in commercial and business aviation; additionally, an important segment of the show is certainly a showcase of global players in military and defence. Among them, Guardiaris is presenting its MAAT training solution, being one-of-a-kind outdoor solution that provides the most comprehensive simultaneous MANPADS and aircrew training. MAAT’s comparative advantage is that it could simultaneously train MANPADS gunners, aircrews, MAWS (Missile Approach Warning System) operators and electronic warfare officers. The key innovation lays in its modularity. MAAT can support any type of MANPADS launcher type or model and a wide assortment of simulated missiles. Additionally, MAAT can also be customised to interoperate with any aircraft installed with UV-based MAWS.

Precise augmented reality for increased soldier safety

Designed as exact “digital twins” of real MANPADS, MAAT’s launchers exhibit every physical mechanical, functional and procedural capability of the real weapon. Soldiers can thus perform completely authentic operational procedures, which enables them to gain all the necessary experience and skills they need before engaging the enemy in real life. Furthermore, MAAT enables aircrew training in responding to missile detection alarms triggered by simulated missile launches. MAAT is designed for UV detection on MAWS at up to an enviable 5 km distance. With the key features being transportability, practicality, and usability in all weather conditions MAAT system results in enormous reduction of training costs, and a significant increase in MANPADS and aircrews’ readiness.


Our CEO explaining the GUARD technology.

Primož Peterca, CEO of Guardiaris, explained, ”Dubai Airshow is spectacular as expected. It attracted almost all crucial players in commercial and military aviation and therefore enabled us to meet with our respected partners. We are delighted that our MAAT training solution and other products gain a lot of interest and admiration, so we were able to establish many new professional ties for future cooperation.”   

NATO approved quality

Starting as an internal development project 16 years ago, initiated as a request of Slovenian Army for a helicopter gear testing solution, Slovenian company Guardiaris today is a serious player in the field of military training simulation. Their wide training and simulation pallet ranges from outdoor to indoor, from small arms to military vehicles. Today all the Guardiaris products are NATO approved, used in 14 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and South America, and their quality trusted by Slovenian, Austrian and Swiss national armies.