October 3, 2022

October is a happy month for our company. Guardiaris is celebrating its 15th anniversary! To celebrate and to look back and forth, our whole team gathered at the very special teambuilding, where we got to know the time.

We usually think of time as something we don’t have or as something that flies by too quickly. Yesterday our team got to know 3 ancient Greek gods of time: Aion represents a bigger picture, time that is perpetual, unbounded, ritual, and cyclic. Kairos represents the opportune moment, perfect timing for action. Whereas Chronos is the empirical and linear time, the one we are racing with every second of the day.

You might ask, why are these perceptions of time important for the team of a hi-tech company? Because only mindful attention to all three can lead to innovation, prosperity, perfect project management, good relations, happy and balanced life.

Apparently, when Guardiaris was founded, all 3 gods of the time looked in the same direction. A bunch of enthusiastic people had a clear vision and strongly believed in their team and in a small project they worked on. None of them has imagined that in 15 years their products will be sold all over the world and become trendsetters in many aspects of the field.

To many years to come!