December 11, 2022

Guardiaris, the lead partner in the ABITS development project, announced that the project has officially launched with funding from the European Defence Fund. Smartex and View Point System are also strategic partners in the project.

The ABITS project aims to create an indoor tactical training solution with integrated data-driven performance indicators. By gathering data from non-invasive physiological sensors, the system will assess trainee well-being through performance quantification and provide analytics. The training-simulation loop will capture and quantify a trainee's psychophysical state, such as attention, stress, and cognitive load, using non-invasive physiological sensors integrated within the training and simulation environment. This means that a trainee is not just evaluated on their weapon handling and tactical performance, but also on their psychophysical state during training. The system supports training on complex weapon systems such as remote-controlled weapon stations (RCWS), shoulder-launched weapons, and UAV/UGV control. These are implemented as digital weapon replicas with integrated physiological sensors, placed within their operating range or as wearables on trainees. This arrangement allows for real-time capture of a trainee's physiological data linked to the scenario flow and events, allowing for monitoring of their attention, stress, and cognitive load.

Personalized training adaptation

With the collected real-time data, a trainee's state can be steered and directed by dynamically adapting the scenarios during simulation and training. The main goals are to make trainees resilient to stress, focus their attention, and reduce their cognitive load. This monitoring with 360-degree performance evaluation based on grading and ranking using newly developed combined KPI metrics allows for matching soldiers to the most suitable weapon system based on their physiological reactions, optimizing their performance and, ultimately, their survivability on the battlefield.

"We are excited to launch this innovative project and bring advanced biometrics to military training and simulation," said Primož Peterca, CEO of Guardiaris. "By using non-invasive physiological sensors, we can provide a more comprehensive evaluation of trainees' performance and help them achieve their full potential on the battlefield."


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