December 2, 2022

Guardiaris and Park of Military History Pivka restored the burial headstone of baron Andrej Čehovin (1810–1855), one of the most famous soldiers of his time.

Andrej Čehovin had an extraordinary military career, rising from an ordinary soldier to captain. He was known as one the bravest and most famous soldiers of his era, being the only officer in the entire history of the Austrian Army to receive all three of the highest decorations for bravery. In addition to the Military Order of Maria Theresa, he was also awarded two medals for bravery, namely the gold and silver medals of the 1st degree.

The burial headstone of baron Andrej Čehovin, located at the City parish cemetery Baden near Vienna, was abandoned and neglected. At the initiative of Ivan Martelanc, adviser to the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts for researching cultural activities of Slovenian nationals abroad, Park of Military History Pivka decided to restore the headstone. Guardiaris offered its help and financial support in the restoration process of the headstone.

The successful completion of the restoration was symbolically marked today, 2nd December 2022, by a wreath-laying ceremony. The honour of laying a wreath fell to the Slovenian Minister of Defence, Mr Marjan Šarec, during his visit to the Republic of Austria.