June 20, 2022

Guardiaris attended the Days of traffic engineering in Portorož, organized by the Association of Traffic Engineers of Slovenia (DIPS).

Last week Guardiaris team attended the event Days of traffic engineering in Portorož, organized by the Association of Traffic Engineers of Slovenia (DIPS). DIPS works in all areas related to transport with an emphasis on improving traffic safety and throughput, wherein the development process is of crucial importance.

Among other outstanding Slovenian companies in the industry, Guardiaris was invited as a trendsetting company, that is always introducing new technologies and complex solutions. Guardiaris is renowned for the production of simulation trainers and digital twins in the military and civilian fields. With data integration from external sources (LIDAR, DWG, GIS,…), Guardiaris’ proprietary 3D graphics environment allows the creation of exact terrain replicas with the detailed surroundings, vegetation, and associated infrastructure, as well as simulation of different weather conditions according to geo location in real-time.

At the event, Guardiaris presented practical examples of the road infrastructure digital twin, which was established in cooperation with Motorway company in the Republic of Slovenia – DARS, for the purpose of testing simulation of traffic safety.

Digital twins can be directly connected to the road infrastructure databases in real-time and capture simulation data to produce studies providing flow and classification in case of unforeseen events and traffic safety. The use of artificial intelligence allows simulations of different road users, scenarios of different densities and congestions, and simulations of different combinations of coexistence with autonomous vehicles.

The presented functionalities, photorealism and precision of the created simulations aroused a lot of interest among the participants of the event and raised a lot of new ideas on how the simulation and digital twin can further influence the improvement of the traffic safety and congestion reduction.