July 21, 2022

European Defence Fund (EDF) just approved two European research projects with Guardiaris participation.

For 24 months Guardiaris will coordinate the ABITS (Advanced Biometrics In Training and Simulation) research project, partnering with Smartex s.r.l. (Italy) and Viewpointsystem GmbH (Austria). Aim of the project is to develop an indoor tactical training solution that integrates data driven, physiological sensor-based, quantification of performance, wellbeing, and analytics in the training-simulation loop. It will capture and quantify trainee's psychophysical state, e.g., attention, stress, cognitive load, based on non-invasive physiological sensors integrated into training and simulation environment. ABITS development will be supported by expertise and testing facilities from three MoDs of Austria, Denmark and Slovenia, as they also preliminary coordinated common requirements of the project with associated ABITS partners.

Second project called SHOLFEA (Shoulder Launched Family for European Armies) will last for 36 months and will be coordinated by the Spanish company Gahn Logística Gestión Y Consultoría Sa. The consortium consists of Gelco s.p.a (Italy), Guardiaris (Slovenia), Instalaza s.a. (Spain), Sentech s.r.l. (Italy) and Startiun s.l. (Spain). The research project aims to develop a family of shoulder launched, guided and unguided, missile systems addressing the operational needs of future infantry units. The concept encompasses indoor simulators allowing the user to be efficiently trained with all possible combinations of the weapon system family.

Both projects present a major opportunity for a great R&D leap in simulation training technology and training approach oriented directly to the future military needs.