March 17, 2023

Here at Guardiaris, we strongly believe in constant learning and improvement, whether it's our systems, ourselves, and even our internal workflow and processes. That is why we created a company meetups where we would learn, teach, and get inspired - Innovation Days.

Guardiaris’ tribe has grown quite a bit in the past year, and while our co-worker count is getting higher, we are recognizing the importance of maintaining a great internal information flow. Besides, we believe that the best way to learn is to teach, and that is why we started Innovation Days - a series of fantastic get-togethers where individuals or teams in our company showcase their innovative ideas, solutions, and projects they are working on.

First in line was our 3D Art team with upcoming updates of the amazing new features of our GUARD game-engine. More user friendly, improved terrain physics and even better visuals - we are thrilled about the upcoming improvements and so proud of our amazing team.

The second Innovation Day was all about the newest and upcoming technology in the audio-visual (AV) industry, presented by our colleague Klemen, who visited one of the biggest AV and systems integration exhibitions, The Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Barcelona. We were excited to learn about all the possibilities to elevate our future exhibition stands even more.

What an excellent start to the company's new tradition. We are looking forward to the next Innovation Day!