February 15, 2023

On February 15th, as part of an official visit organized by the Slovenian Ministry of Defence, a high-level delegation from Estonia visited Guardiaris headquarters to learn about their training concept, and latest simulation trainers and also learn about other strong Slovenian engineering companies with out-of-the box solutions in the defence sector.

The Estonian delegation was led by Mr. Martin Herem, the Estonian General and Commander of the Estonian Defense Forces, and other high-ranking representatives of the Estonian Ministry of Defence. They were accompanied by high-ranking officials from the Slovenian Armed Forces and Ministry of Defence, including Mr. Robert Glavaš, the Chief of the General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces. The presentations started with a showcase from Valhalla Turrets, an engineering company that specializes in developing new-generation remote-controlled weapon system solutions, led by their CEO, Mr. Milos Milosavljevic.

Next, the Guardiaris company was presented and their training concept was introduced by their CEO, Mr. Primož Peterca. The delegation then had the opportunity to attend live demonstrations of various simulators and to test the Small Arms Tactical Trainer (SATT), which featured exceptional weapon replicas for marksmanship and tactical training. Th edelegation was also intrigued by a presentation from Carboteh, Guardiaris' spin-off company, which recently launched a weapon of deterrence called BANS − Battlefield Anti-Aircraft Non-Lethal (VSHORAD) System. This revolutionary anti-aircraft warfare approach does not require firing a single shot.

Finally, the delegation tested an electrical enduro bike called STRiX, developed by the company RTC specifically for military use, which is now entering the civilian market as the most powerful and capable electric motor in competition. The visit proved to be a productive and informative exchange of knowledge and technology, showcasing the expertise of the Slovenian defence industry sector to the esteemed Ministry of the Republic of Estonia.