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Discover Guardiaris trainers

World-class system for complete and fully customizable military training. Trainee-oriented approach. Patented laserless technology. A realistic synthetic environment. Limitless trainee and squad training diversity.


Smart integration of all Guardiaris trainers

From small arms, light weapons, and support weapons, to any ground combat vehicle, remote weapon station or portable air defence system. Fully compatible indoor, outdoor, and mobile trainers.

The ultimate answer to modern military training demands

Guardiaris continuously develops new-tech ideas and creates new solutions assisting our clients in solving current and future challenges.


Testimonial title


Nikola Brzica, PhD

West Point graduate and military expert

“What impressed me the most about the Guardiaris solutions were the advanced analytical reports. Observing each individual trainee’s performance, shot placement, and movement, as well as having the ability to track his field of view and weapon orientation does not only complement life fire training, in many ways it exceeds it. Guardiaris has produced remarkable training tools that deliver excellent results.”

Trevor Nash, MA MRAeS

Editor – Military Training

"Simulation has become a central part in training military forces throughout the world and it is now easy to select a system ‘off the peg’. That approach does not always address training needs or how to close training gaps. The best solution is to work in partnership with a company that understands training and has the expertise and intellectual knowledge to support the military’s precise requirements; such a company is Guardiaris. Having recently spent time with the company at its factory in Ljubljana and at a customer’s training centre, it is clear to me that Guardiaris has a clear grasp of training requirements and has the technology to support the customer’s exact needs with first class training solutions."

Tim De Zitter

Belgian expert on multinational procurement of munitions

I have vistited the Guardiaris company already several times and been allowed to handle their simulators first hand. I am convinced of the quality of the products, the flexibility to adapt it to the users requirements and of the R&D and continuous improvements that are carrried out. Talking with some of the customers they told me that the aftersales support is also very good. So keep up the good work.