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Manpads And Aircrew Trainer
Gunner and AIRCREW training
Robust outdoor design
Long range operation
Countermeasure triggering

Manpads and aircrew trainer

MAAT is a game-changing outdoor trainer ensuring realistic live MANPADS gunner and aircrews training with advanced analytics and reports.

The ultimate digital twin of a real MANPADS, exhibiting physical, mechanical, functional and procedural capabilities of the real weapon. This ensures unmatched training realism through authentic handling of all operational procedures.


Instructor Control Station

Stored in ruggedized laptop, ensures instant automatic report for each missile launch

Shoulder launched / tripod-mounted

Optional tripod version is ideal for endurance training of helicopter crews

Built-in VIS camera

The camera records gunner-to-target view and orientation

1 Battery = 400 rocket lauches

Batteries are replaceable on-location in less than 3 minutes


Simultaneous MANPADS gunners and aircrew training

Incredible adaptability

LED pattern customizable to any MANPADS

Explore MMVT in 3D


All MANPADS adjustable

MAAT is typically used with replicas of the SA-24, however, its incredible adaptability allows modification to any type of MANPADS. For authentic and accurate training Guardiaris can design the exact weapon replica of the customer's choice (Fim-92 Stinger, Type 91 Kai, FN-6, HN-5, QW-1, QW-2).

Versatile & flexible training

MAAT is not just for training of MANPADS gunners. Aircraft and electronic-warfare crews that respond to detected missile alarms are trained as well. MAAT simulates rocket launches and triggers a missile detection alarm on any MAWS equipped aircraft with UV sensors which detect UV radiation in solar blind regions. It allows long-range operation up to 5 km.

Efficient training

During a surface-to-air attack exercise, electronic flares can be manually or automatically engaged after being triggered by the MAWS detection. MAAT simulates the exact pattern of missiles, which results in the true-to-life training experience.

The tripod version

The tripod version relieves the gunner of the 17 kg for endurance training of helicopter crews in “detect – react – manoeuvre” and countermeasures deployment.

Ultimate After-Action Review

Comprehensive After-Action Review enables operator, gunner or pilot performance monitoring in real-time. An automatic report is generated for each missile launch and allows instant analysis and personalization of training plans.

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Elevating the immersion and analytics to a new level.

Guard Rail

Guard Rail serves as a physical cover that functions coherently with synthetic environment. The mechanical cover enables realistic training and significantly elevates training experience.

VPS Smart Glasses

VPS Smart Glasses stream, record and measure eye movement so accurately, that the focus of the trainee can be determined without any misinterpretations.

MTC Expansion

Mobile Training Center, MTC presents the entire SAMT™ system integrated into easily transportable, expandable container that enables mobile training at any location.

MTC in foldable container

The unique foldable container offers simple and straightforward usage. With the use of a forklift, the container can be set up and ready for training in under an hour. The containers are robust, weather-resistant, and safe, even capable of ballistic resistance. After the training, the container can be folded to 30% of its original size, making storage and transportation extremely easy.

MTC on Wheels

A standalone solution features an expandable, high-quality container with pre-installed SAMT hardware that is attached to a trailer on a truck. The container can be easily expanded by pressing a button, making training preparations quick and effortless. Once the training is complete, the container can be folded back to its original size and transported to any desired location by truck.

Other trainers

This trainer can be integrated in live large-scale exercises, and can be combined with other Guardiaris products for diverse collective training.