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Small Arms Tactical Trainer
Marksmanship & tactical training
Small arms & light weapons
Anti-tank weapons
weapon agnostic
Fully immersive

Small Arms Tactical Trainer

Modular indoor trainer offers adaptability to infantry small arms, anti-tank weapons, military vehicles, and remote weapon stations, that support both marksmanship and tactical training.

SATT provides a unique training approach with 3D topological configurability of any real-world terrain with precise recreation of balistics and weather conditions. Ultimate After Action Review provides real-time comprehensive insight into soldiers performance, whereas 4D video replay significantly shortens the learning cycle.


Projection Area

Projection area with multiple configurations

Ultimate analytics and reports

After-Action Review records the training and enables its 4D replay

Exact Ballistics

Accurate simulation of ballistics and other effects

Full weapon agnostic

Any weapon type can be used in the SATT system thanks to SAS module

Sound/Shock Floor

Realistic sound and shock floor for full immersiveness

Individual or squad level

Soldiers can perfect their skills on an individual or team level

Full freedom of movement

For comprehensive marksmanship and tactical training

Explore MMVT in 3D


Laserless tech for limitless mobility

LED based patented SAS module allows uninhibited motion and full freedom of movement within the whole training area. No additional gear is needed, assuring training under realistic, optimal conditions.

Ultimate After-Action Review

After-Action Review collects actionable data in real-time and interprets them for comprehensive analysis. It monitors performance on an individual trainee or squad level, calculating and displaying key performance indicatos. Searchable database enables fast data collection, event filtering and aggregation for comprehensive analytics.

Adjustable to all weapons

Mounted on the Picatinny rail or installed inside of any modified real weapon or weapon replica, the SAS module ensures any weapon type or device (e.g. helmet) can be used in the trainer.

Full immersiveness

High-fidelity 3D visual and surround aural stimulus, coupled with a special sound shock floor that emulates the physical shock of real battlefield situations, produces additional stress and elevates training complexity.

3D simulated realism

GUARD™ features extremely fast real-world terrain data integration. It instantly turns any place on earth into a highly realistic synthetic environment replica. Mission-specific training can also be performed within specifically designed synthetic environments.

Exact ballistics

Guardiaris solutions are driven by own GUARD™ 3D image generator. Advanced real-time data capture, AI and accurately calculated ballistics for every weapon and projectile type.

The highest standards

Compatible with NATO standards and protocols, the system can take part in larger joint military exercises.

Terminal ballistics

With the support of proprietary 3D image generator and realistic physics engine the synthetic environment can adapt real behavior and projectile penetration effectiveness when it hits certain surface or material.

Why curved screen?

150° curved robust screen covers the whole horizontal field of view of a human eye, making the environment highly realistic and immersive. Guardiaris custom-designed dome is robust and spacious enough to support incredible marksmanship and tactical training without any sacrifice in freedom of movement.


Elevating the immersion and analytics to a new level.

Guard Rail

Guard Rail serves as a physical cover that functions coherently with synthetic environment. The mechanical cover enables realistic training and significantly elevates training experience.

VPS Smart Glasses

VPS Smart Glasses stream, record and measure eye movement so accurately, that the focus of the trainee can be determined without any misinterpretations.

MTC Expansion

Mobile Training Center, MTC presents the entire SAMT™ system integrated into easily transportable, expandable container that enables mobile training at any location.

MTC in foldable container

The unique foldable container offers simple and straightforward usage. With the use of a forklift, the container can be set up and ready for training in under an hour. The containers are robust, weather-resistant, and safe, even capable of ballistic resistance. After the training, the container can be folded to 30% of its original size, making storage and transportation extremely easy.

MTC on Wheels

A standalone solution features an expandable, high-quality container with pre-installed SAMT hardware that is attached to a trailer on a truck. The container can be easily expanded by pressing a button, making training preparations quick and effortless. Once the training is complete, the container can be folded back to its original size and transported to any desired location by truck.

Other trainers

This trainer can be integrated in live large-scale exercises, and can be combined with other Guardiaris products for diverse collective training.