Unaparalleled Tech

The next-gen trainers

First-ever laserless simulation technology with 3D image generator GUARD™ is what makes Guardiaris trainers cutting-edge. Eyes-friendly patented LED technology opens up new horizons in After-Action Review analytics and provides the ultimate efficiency tool for both marksmanship and tactical training.

SAS module for advanced analytics

Meet the core of our training systems, the patented and laserless SAS module solution. SAS gathers real-time precise information on weapon movement in 6 DoF, shooter behavior, exact trigger, and shot times. Data is instantly available for quantitative analysis and personalisation of training.

Adaptive for all weapon

Mounted on the Picatinny rail or installed inside of any modified real weapon or weapon replica, the SAS module ensures any weapon type or device (e.g. helmet) can be used in the Guardiaris training systems. 

Performance monitoring

Instructors can monitor soldiers’ performance in real-time and provide feedback even during an exercise. Searchable database enables fast data collection, event filtering and aggregation for comprehensive analytics and After-Action Review (AAR).

Full freedom of movement

The SAS module allows uninhibited motion and full freedom of movement within the whole training area. No additional gear is needed, assuring training under realistic, optimal conditions. 

Brain activity and gaze tracking

Helmet integrated SAS module constantly tracks trainee's position and gaze thus deducing his situational awareness. With the use of real-time optical brain monitoring technique fMRI, analytics can also monitor soldiers' psychophysical state throughout the training scenario.

real-time optical brain monitoring technique fMRI
Brain activity and gaze tracking

Unique 4D AAR

The After-Action Review (AAR) collects actionable event data in real-time and interprets them for comprehensive post-training analysis.

After-Action Review analytics

Detailed visual analysis of each trainee performance.

Deep dive

The instructor can continuously monitor performance of individual trainee or squad level, calculating and displaying deep-dive performance indicators. Training difficulty levels can be adapted and personalized to the individual trainee.

4D Replay

After-Action Review records the training and enables state-of-the-art 4D replay. User can change viewpoint for 3D analytics session and observe situations from different vantage points throughout the battlefield space and time. The replay can be speed adjusted (slower, faster), or fast-forwarded to a specific event in the training timeframe.

GUARD™ for ultimate training diversity

Guardiaris simulation trainers are driven by our own GUARD™ image generator. GUARD™ Technology allows advanced real-time interaction within synthetic environments.

3D simulated realism

GUARD™ features extremely fast real-world terrain data integration. It instantly turns any place on earth into a highly realistic synthetic environment replica. Mission-specific training can also be performed within specifically designed synthetic environments.

Exact & terminal ballistics

A large database of environments and objects provides soldiers with a highly immersive environments where ballistics are calculated accurately for every weapon and projectile type. With the support of proprietary 3D image generator and realistic physics engine the synthetic environment can adapt real behavior and projectile penetration effectiveness when it hits certain surface or material.

Beyond synthetic environment

GUARD™ powered synthetic environment is incredibly realistic and dynamic. Built-in Artificial Intelligence allows OPFOR units to adaptively behave in the environment (hide, lay down, run) and to automatically hide into the suitable cover area. Moreover, destruction models take into consideration different assets' material types, their interaction with different ordnance types, and their destructive abilities.

Sound & shock floor

The sound-driven floor beneath the soldiers' feet emulates shock-factors that mirror battlefield situations. Every Explosion and other dramatic distractions are felt, raising the level of stress and unpredictability.

Simple user interface for creating complex scenarios.

Complex scenarios made easy

    A very powerful user-friendly GUARDTM Scenario editor interface allows complete freedom for the fast creation of complex scenarios. Interactions can be pre-programmed or automatically controlled by AI, while environmental conditions can be changed at any point during the exercise.  

Training for unexpected

Scenario editor works on the concept of randomness and surprise. Rapid scenario creation and editing enables simulation of real-world conditions (weather, time of day, visibility, etc.) and most of the parameters can be adjusted even during exercises. In that manner, scenarios are constantly different, demanding trainees to be alert and prepared at all times.

Creative freedom

A powerful and user-friendly editor interface allows complete freedom in creating own complex scenarios with custom terrain. It features a huge asset library (e.g., vegetation, buildings, vehicles, enemy units), and easy creation of waypoints for movable units or triggers for events. Endless complex scenarios with an added elements of surprise assure a thorough training.

Guardiaris' solution for high immersiveness

A scalable and modular indoor training ground for diverse marksmanship and tactical training. All configurations preserve the notion of a single simulation scenario for tactical training with multi weapon types.

Projection area

Modular and scalable construction offers many configuration options. All configurations preserve the notion of a single simulation scenario for tactical training with multi weapon types. 

150° curved stationary projection screen (SATT)

150° curved stationary projection screen (SATT)

Scalable and mobile projection screen (SAMT)

Scalable and mobile projection screen (SAMT)

Sound and shock floor

The sound-driven floor beneath the soldiers’ feet emulates shock-factors that mirror battlefield situations. Every explosion and other dramatic distractions are felt, raising the level of stress and unpredictability.

Surround sound

Guardiaris trainers enable high fidelity visual and aural feedback corresponding to the training scenario. Immersed in such an environment, soldiers experience unmatched realism before entering the combat.

Control stations

The control station is a server and the main computing point. It is preinstalled in GUARD™ simulation software and highly versatile GUARD™ Control Panel (GCP) software. It ensures exercise planning, implementation and evaluation, instruction-soldier communication, and comprehensive After-Action Review.

GUARD™ control desk
multi-touch screen

A 42” or 55” multi-touch screen can be installed on the Guard Control Desk. Along with tempered glass surface protection this multi-touch screen is scratch-resistant. The screen is powered and controlled by a computer running on the Windows operating system.

The mechanized stand has a firm steel structure and is easily movable around the room as it is on wheels. Actuators serve for endless variations in screen positioning. For example, horizontally to serve as an interactive desk or in a vertical position, as an interactive board.

Actuated desks with monitors

Is equipped with a stand for two large LCD screens and a computer. The Control desk is made from high quality and durable materials ensuring its long-life span.The Control desk can be moved up and down with the help of the electrical actuators.


Used as control station extensions, tablets are perfect for flexible exercise monitoring.

Ruggedized laptops

Military grade laptops are used with mobile trainers. All is packed in a ruggedized transport case with wireless connectivity to the trainers.

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