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Manpats Trainer
Fully mobilE
Exact weapon replicas
Anti-tank weapons

Manpats trainer

MATS consists of an exact MANPAT system replica and a Control Station.

This standalone and fully customizable trainer ensures highly comprehensive training, ranging from basic to complex tactical exercises. The system is lightweight, mobile and thus easily transportable. It can be delivered wherever needed without any specific infrastructure required.

Smart hardware

All sensorics, computer and batteries are housed in special launch tube insert

Exact weapon replicas

Realistic and durable weapon replicas

Lightweight and compact

Lightweight design of wireless, battery powered system ensures easy transportability

Scenario display

Synthetic environment scenario displayed in the optical sight

Hot swap battery

Enables long operation without any downtime

Explore MMVT in 3D


Perfect MANPATS replicas

The MATS replica has the same physical characteristics as well as mechanical and functional properties as the real weapon. All weapon handling procedures must be fully followed during training. The MATS houses all sensorics, computer and batteries in special launch tube insert. Projectile characteristics are simulated with 100% accuracy.

Ultimate After-Action Review

After-Action Review collects actionable data in real-time and interprets them for comprehensive analysis. It monitors performance on an individual trainee or squad level, calculating and displaying key performance indicatos. Searchable database enables fast data collection, event filtering and aggregation for comprehensive analytics.

New standard of training realism

Superb level of interaction within computer generated artificial reality displayed in the optical sight. Training is performed in realistic synthetic environments, supported with dynamic meteorological, day and night parameters affecting visibility and ballistic calculations.

Versatile & cost-effective

Designed for infantry and special forces, the MATS is intended for effective “engage and destroy” training. A variety of ground-based targets include main battle tanks, light armored vehicles, fortified facilities, bunkers, etc. Training of target identification and elimination is available at various distances and visibility. MATS simulates exact ballistics and damage effects based on type of warhead and target hit.


Elevating the immersion and analytics to a new level.

Guard Rail

Guard Rail serves as a physical cover that functions coherently with synthetic environment. The mechanical cover enables realistic training and significantly elevates training experience.

VPS Smart Glasses

VPS Smart Glasses stream, record and measure eye movement so accurately, that the focus of the trainee can be determined without any misinterpretations.

MTC Expansion

Mobile Training Center, MTC presents the entire SAMT™ system integrated into easily transportable, expandable container that enables mobile training at any location.

MTC in foldable container

The unique foldable container offers simple and straightforward usage. With the use of a forklift, the container can be set up and ready for training in under an hour. The containers are robust, weather-resistant, and safe, even capable of ballistic resistance. After the training, the container can be folded to 30% of its original size, making storage and transportation extremely easy.

MTC on Wheels

A standalone solution features an expandable, high-quality container with pre-installed SAMT hardware that is attached to a trailer on a truck. The container can be easily expanded by pressing a button, making training preparations quick and effortless. Once the training is complete, the container can be folded back to its original size and transported to any desired location by truck.

MATS supports any MANPATS type

Any portable anti-tank system can be simulated. In addition to realistic and durable weapon replicas, computer-generated synthetic environments are displayed in the optical sight.

ALCOTAN-100 (M2)

The ALCOTAN-100 (M2) is a light, shoulder-fired weapon, with a range of 600 m against point targets, and up to 1.100 m against stationary targets/area targets. It can defeat various targets, from main battle tanks equipped with the most modern armours including ERA, to bunkers, buildings and non-permanent fortifications. The highly realistic replica of the ALCOTAN 100 (M2) increases the excellent weapon handling ability and efficiency of the training.


RGW110 is a direct successor to the Panzerfaust 3 family. The simulator is able to train all the functions, including the aiming devices, with an effective range up to 800 m, and can engage targets at roughly twice the range of the predecessor.


The realistic replica of the RGW90 increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the training. The wireless RGW90 trainer simulates all warhead types (HH, ASM, LRMP, etc.) and all aiming devices.


The RGW60 trainer is an exact replica of the RGW60 weapon, ensuring superb effectiveness and efficiency of the training. RGW60 replica is wirelessly connected with the Control Station.


Superb training of an 84-mm multi-role, shoulder-fired system. The wireless RE84 Trainer simulates all weapon functionalities and automatically recognizes the type of ammunition (HEAT, smoke, illumination, etc.) loaded in the barrel. All components of telescopic sight are fully simulated. All operational procedures performed are visible in real-time on the Control Station.


The wireless PZF3 trainer is an exact replica of the weapon. As the real weapon also the trainer is equipped with an active spike for simulating different war heads. Operating modes for engaging stationary or moving targets are simulated through a standard firing device or Dynarange fire control sight.


A fully functional replica of the globally popular RPG-7 launcher equipped with a PGO-7 telescopic sight. The wireless RPG-7 Trainer simulates various types of ammunition (HE, HEAT, etc.), which can be selected from the Control Station. Extremely easy to handle, the trainer offers training of all standard operating procedures.

Other trainers

This trainer can be integrated in live large-scale exercises, and can be combined with other Guardiaris products for diverse collective training.