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Modular Military Vehicle Trainer
Vehicle and RWS agnostic
Fully customizable
Interior replica
Fully immersive
Environmental feedback
Data recording

Modular military vehicle trainer

The MMVT is a unique indoor trainer, fully customizable for any type of vehicle or remote weapon station.

Modular design includes exact replicas of controls and switches for unmatched training realism with all possible combinations of vehicle interior and structure. Battle management system simulation can be adopted to specific customer needs and simulate any BMS already in use.

Advanced training analytics ensures high quality training and extremely short ‘plan-train-asses’ cycle.

Exact cabin replicas

Cabins are exact replicas of the vehicle crew’s working environment

Unmatched training realism

HVAC unit, military grade seats and communication simulation equipment

3DOF/6DOF motion platform

For realistic simulation of dynamic vehicle movement with real-time vibration

Battle management system

Physical replication or touch screen simulation of controls and gauges

Exact handles and buttons replicas

Can be either provided by original suppliers or replicated and manufactured inhouse

Fully customisable interior

Allows different combinations of Driver / Gunner / Commander

HVAC unit

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

Explore MMVT in 3D


New reality of training realism

Seated in precisely replicated interiors, the driver, gunner, and/or commander are immersed in a real-life 360° synthetic environment. Cutting-edge GUARD™ simulation technology allows superb level interaction within the artificial reality.

Authentic interiors

Cabins are exact replicas of the vehicle crew’s working environment. Interiors are custom made according to specific customer needs and can match the interior of any ground wheeled vehicle and any remote weapon station. The controls and gauges are physically replicated or simulated on touch screens, depending on the customer's needs.

Immersive training environment

The 3DOF / 6DOF motion platform realistically simulates dynamic vehicle movement with real-time vibration and changing of angles and inclinations. This haptic feedback radically improves the perception of driving on various terrain surfaces.

Maximum training combinations

The MMVT functions as the driver-commander-gunner station interchangeably. This ensures that all crew’s operational procedures such as driving, gunnery and commanding tasks are trained in the widest range of combinations.

Highly immersive environment

A large database of environments and objects provides trainees with a highly immersive environment. Ballistics are calculated accurately for every weapon and projectile type, allowing soldiers to understand the equipment's capabilities and make the right decision about its usage.

Gaze tracking system

The Gaze Tracking System is the best-in-class exercise and progress overview tool based on the analytics of the soldier’s sight. It enables eyetrackin and monitoring of focus on controls, switches and on the environment. This information is one of the key biometrics measurement elements in evaluating soldier readiness.


Elevating the immersion and analytics to a new level.

Guard Rail

Guard Rail serves as a physical cover that functions coherently with synthetic environment. The mechanical cover enables realistic training and significantly elevates training experience.

VPS Smart Glasses

VPS Smart Glasses stream, record and measure eye movement so accurately, that the focus of the trainee can be determined without any misinterpretations.

MTC Expansion

Mobile Training Center, MTC presents the entire SAMT™ system integrated into easily transportable, expandable container that enables mobile training at any location.

MTC in foldable container

The unique foldable container offers simple and straightforward usage. With the use of a forklift, the container can be set up and ready for training in under an hour. The containers are robust, weather-resistant, and safe, even capable of ballistic resistance. After the training, the container can be folded to 30% of its original size, making storage and transportation extremely easy.

MTC on Wheels

A standalone solution features an expandable, high-quality container with pre-installed SAMT hardware that is attached to a trailer on a truck. The container can be easily expanded by pressing a button, making training preparations quick and effortless. Once the training is complete, the container can be folded back to its original size and transported to any desired location by truck.

Variable configurations

Simulation of various types of vehicles based on real inputs is done in unique cabin structure allowing different combinations of driver, gunner or commander.

Commander station

Battlefield observation, target recognition and targetselection, tactical decisions, crew commanding and communication.

Driver station

Training of all operating procedures, including drivingskills, terrain observation and tactical manoeuvring in different combat scenarios.

Gunner station

All gunner operating procedures from calibration, ammunition selection, target recognition, selection, acquiring and elimination.

Other trainers

This trainer can be integrated in live large-scale exercises, and can be combined with other Guardiaris products for diverse collective training.