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Modular Joint Light Tactical Vehicle Crew Trainer
Vehicle and RWS agnostic
Fully crew training
Interior replica
Fully immersive
Environmental feedback
Data recording

Modular Joint Light Tactical Vehicle Crew Trainer

The JLTV is a customizable vehicle and remote weapon station training simulator for 4 crew members: driver, gunner, commander, 4th operator. The simulator is a mechanical, functional, and procedural digital replica of the actual JLTV 4x4 vehicle interior mounted on 6 DoF motion platform.

The solution provides training of key crew mission critical skills: operating procedures, driving and tactical manoeuvring, weapon handling, terrain observation, voice over intercom and radio inter-crew communication, and BMS operation in a variety of combat scenarios, even with platoon of vehicle simulators.


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Unmatched training realism

The custom-made cabin interior is designed to replicate the precise working environment of 4 person vehicle crew, aligning with the interior layout and type of remote weapon station utilized. LCD screens integrated into the cabin walls mimic the appearance of a genuine JLTV vehicle, digitally simulating all windows to project realistic battle field views tailored to each crew member’s point of view.

6 DoF motion platform

The cabin is mounted on a 6 DoF motion platform that simulates dynamic vehicle motion from multiple terrain types (gravel, concrete, mud, sand, snow) and significantly improves driver and crew perception.

Fully immersive training enviroment

Seated in replicas of enclosed vehicle crew compartments, the crew is immersed in authentic 360° vehicle simulated environment, where it executes a variety of training scenarios. A large database of immersive environments and objects provides trainees with a realistic perception of situational awareness. All actions and manoeuvres in the high-fidelity simulation are supported with integrated auditory, visual, and functional feedback displayed on the simulated battlefield.

Environment gaze tracking system

Each crew member is equipped with physiological sensors to measure key biometric signals: heart rate, eye tracking and eye pupil to provide comprehensive trainee performance evaluation. Eye tracking monitors the trainee’s attention on controls, battle field developments, and environment.

Various types of RWS

The modular design allows various types of RWS to be fully integrated and simulated, including Elbit 12.7 (Elbit Systems), CROWS 151(Konsberg), CROWS 153 (Konsberg), SAMSON 30mm (Rafael), MIZRAK 30mm (Otokar), and MANGART 25 (Valhalla Turrets).

Unparalleled training scalability

The JLTV Crew Trainer can be deployed in standalone mode or as part of a larger training network within the same tactical training scenario. The tactical interconnection of multiple JLTV simulators unlocks new possibilities of platoon-to-squad level realistic vehicle trainings and significantly enhances troop readiness. Furthermore, the simultaneous training of multiple combat units, including alliedand enemy forces, offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability to meet the unique needs of diverse, complex tactical combat training environments.

Comprehensive after-action review

The After-Action Review (AAR) ensuresfast data collection, classification, and aggregation for comprehensive post-training analytics on the crew member, or vehicle,up to squad of vehicles level. The AAR also provides insight into the trainee’s firstperson view, which includes tracking and visual feedback of all operating procedures executed during the exercise.

HLA interoperable

All Guardiaris simulators are HLA interoperable on customer’s request, allowing seamless connections with other simulator systems.

Variety of training combinations

The JLTV simulator can train commander, driver, gunner and fourth crew member simultaneously or individually inaccurately replicated working environment of each crew member.

Driver station

Vehicle handling including terrain observation and tactical manoeuvring, use of levers and switches on the control panel, operating procedures for road and off-road driving in different environment conditions (weather, terrain, day/night) checking vehicle status (tire pressure).

Gunner station

It includes operations and procedures: target detection, recognition, target selection, and target elimination, with suitably selected ammunition, smoke grenades launching, use of RWS menus and operational procedures, under various environmental conditions (weather, day/night), day/night/IR sight selection, calibration.

Commander station

It includes functions and procedures for: tactical training of operating procedures, use of battle management system (BMS), decision making, crew orders, communication with other vehicles, use and handling of remote weapon station (RWS), target detection, recognition and selection, target transfer to gunner.


Elevating the immersion and analytics to a new level.

Guard Rail

Guard Rail serves as a physical cover that functions coherently with synthetic environment. The mechanical cover enables realistic training and significantly elevates training experience.

VPS Smart Glasses

VPS Smart Glasses stream, record and measure eye movement so accurately, that the focus of the trainee can be determined without any misinterpretations.

MTC Expansion

Mobile Training Center, MTC presents the entire SAMT™ system integrated into easily transportable, expandable container that enables mobile training at any location.

MTC in foldable container

The unique foldable container offers simple and straightforward usage. With the use of a forklift, the container can be set up and ready for training in under an hour. The containers are robust, weather-resistant, and safe, even capable of ballistic resistance. After the training, the container can be folded to 30% of its original size, making storage and transportation extremely easy.

MTC on Wheels

A standalone solution features an expandable, high-quality container with pre-installed SAMT hardware that is attached to a trailer on a truck. The container can be easily expanded by pressing a button, making training preparations quick and effortless. Once the training is complete, the container can be folded back to its original size and transported to any desired location by truck.

Other trainers

This trainer can be integrated in live large-scale exercises, and can be combined with other Guardiaris products for diverse collective training.